Monday, February 06, 2012

Being Busy

We have had a leak from our washing machine since we moved in and it drives us bonkers!
Last week I could take it no longer. There was a shock piece that was obviously damaged and we figured we'd start there. ($84 kit from Sears!) After replacing the two bottom shocks and tightening the bolts in the drum....problem solved. We've done 7 loads of laundry and not a drop.

The boys had a Cub/Beaver day on Strday. E's activities were mostly outside.

A's group spent some time insde also.

While M was tagging along with the boys on their day....I had the day to myself.

Yesterday after church the boys didn't want to leave the house so they had some friends over and had all kinds of fun. I caught this photo as A ran through the kitchen.

And that brings us to this a.m. Sweetheart E came down to make my breakfast for me. And then sweetheart A made breakfast for his brother.
(There's more to the story of all this kindness but I'll blog about that tomorrow.)

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