Saturday, November 24, 2012

E's FieldTrip

Today E went on a field trip to the BioDome with his Cub pack......
and his camera....
He asked if I would upload the pictures for him.
However, it turns out there were more than 75 pictures!!
I've uploaded a sampling of them and you'll just have to trust me that you aren't missing anything critical.
I noticed when going through them that he has a bit of a camera focus issue. 
Either he doesn't know how to use the focus or he doesn't stay still long enough to capture the pic. 
Some of his field trip buddies.
And this is what A and I were up to while the big guys were working on the bathroom.


Anonymous said...

Wow...what an amazing day you had Eric. Love your photo shots! I would say that all the travelling time to get there and back was worth it.

Indeed, your day was a special one.
Love nana

VMB said...

I think E & A need uncle J to educate them on "effective monopoly strategies"

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