Saturday, December 07, 2013

And then...

This guy turned 65(!) and recently retired.
Now he's got time on his hands we were able to get a little pre-Christmas visit in.
We haven't seen Grandma in quite some time so the boys had lots to catch up on. They have been working with her on their coin collections and they went over what they were still looking for.
Grandma got reacquainted with the birds. And she and A had some iPad time.
It's getting difficult to catch E in any silly photos ... with age he is getting ever so cool.
But A still loves the occasional 'ha-ha' picture.
Our unit study until Christmas is on reasoning/problem solving. We talked the other day about how what our senses tell us is important in making decisions BUT that we can't rely solely on that.
To demonstrate I put out several random items and gave them one minute to look.
Then they were to write down what they remembered seeing. They were surprised to find that individually they could recall only half of what was there.
More familiar things were easier to remember .... and more eyes meant a longer list.
Then just when we thought we had maxed out out December fun .... we had more fun.
We took K on her first subway ride.
Spent a few hours shopping (while the boys were at a friend's house) and then rode back uptown.
Welcome to the big city K.

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Anonymous said...

E and K on the subway is my favorite pic ever. I love it!


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