Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Can We Do It Again?

We arrived bright eyed and bushy-tailed when the park opened.
Whitewater Canyon(3x), Timberwolf Falls(4x), Windseeker, Vortex(2x), Silver Streak, Ghoster Coaster(10x), The Fly(2x), Thunder Run(4x), Clockwerks(3x), Wild Beast(3x), Drop Tower(2x), The Rage, The Spinovator(2x), Krachenwagen(2x)
So if my count is right that makes about 40 rides. In 8 hours. Whew!!
We managed to sneak in a couple of snacks to help keep us cool.
Then we went back and did all the best rides again.
In the picture on the right A and M are way, way up over the trees in those little swings.
E and I hung out a little closer to the ground.
One of their absolute favourites.
They rode it four times.
And then they figured they weren't quite wet enough ...
so they caught the splash wave from the next ride that came down the mountain ... three times.
It was smiles all day. Great idea M.


Anonymous said...

Happiest boys in the world. Love to see their smiling faces.


Anonymous said...

My back is a little stiff tonight, but well worth it. :)


What's New at The Allen's said...

Oh my! You know why.
Rides scare the bejeebers out of me.
It doesn't look like the B-boys inherited Granny's "scaredy-cat" gene.
Those are the biggest smiles

Anonymous said...

The biggest and best smiles...EVER!!!! Wow, what fun was had by all.

Love mom/nana

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