Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bears & Baby

Beautiful weather for this year's 'Move Your Paws for the Polar Bear Cause'.
Any reason to spend time at the zoo is good for us.
Congratulations Participants.

And since we were already two thirds of the distance .....
we went the rest of the way to meet our new family member.
She's amazing. Makes little noises like a kitten.
It seems when we visit that the kids always seem to group around UncleJ.
What's that all about?
K had me mesmerized with those eyes of his.
And V is getting to be a lot like a big kid.
So sweet of everyone to surprise M with a birthday cake.
We had all this fun in one weekend ... and still made it back into town before the weather turned bad.
And thanks to Hunter's owners .... Charlie had a weekend in the country instead of a weekend in the car.
Thanks guys.

Week 26 Feb29-Mar4
Math- Probability
Grammar- Quotation Marks
Writing- Prompt
History- Greek Gods & Wars

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