Thursday, June 02, 2016

Front Hall

Charlie looks comfy in the new space at the front hall.
I saw this picture a long while ago and knew this is what I wanted for my front hall.
The problem was I had a small front hall ... with a closet .... bi-fold doors ... and a wall with a door.
No problem, right?
Just take out that pesky wall and door.  And get an electrician in to move the switches.
And while we're at it ... let's change the colour scheme and paint the back of the stairs white.

Did I mention that there was some drywall repairs needed? 
Grandad had been constructing cabinets in his garage while we were deconstructing our front hall.
You see it coming together now, yes?
The perfect hooks.
Once the final touches are done I'll post one last picture.

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Anonymous said...

How do you folks find the time. What a busy group, always on the go, great to see the reno coming to an end...well this project anyway....
Lots of Love,,,Grampy P

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