Saturday, September 24, 2016

Week's Up

It took 8.5 hours over two visits but A is now satisfied that he has seen each and every exhibit in the Museum of Nature and has interacted with all of the boards, screens and buttons.
Whew! Goal 
Our new Science curriculum has a lot of experiments. 
This week ..... chemical glass etching. (Part of our Tech. in Sci. Unit)
As part of our History work we discussed the bibles written by monks.
To get a feel for that .... we used A's quill and some ink to do our own pages.
Final products to be posted next week.
And to finish off the week, A and M did the Bubble Run.
Check out the transformation from Before Fun Gear to After.

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Anonymous said...

Wow......the bubble run looks like a LOT of fun! Love to all....nana and Opa

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