Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Gone Wild

We heard about a program from a friend of ours that sounded like something A would love.
Here he is trying out his new outdoor hat.

Earth Skills &Activities
-​Nature Awareness & Interpretation-Climbing-Tool Use-Nature Crafts-Fire Starting-Shelter Building-Food & Poisonous Plant ID-Environmental Stewardship-Learning the Lives and Languages of Animals-Meeting Human Needs in a Sustainable Manner-
Most of our programming is held outdoors in nature. 
Remember, there is no such thing as bad weather - only inappropriate clothing.
And they will be journaling their experiences.​
And because that hat is just so cool, the brother had to try it too.


What's New at The Allen's said...

I love that hat!!!

Anonymous said...

had a hat like that once...and after living in this terrible climate here in Victoria, I traded it to a gent from Alaska, for a raincoat......fair trade....My boys are looking good....Loads of love to all...Grampy Peter, the hatless one....

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