Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Anatomy of a Boy Hug

I've noticed the boys, all three of them, show affection towards each other in an unusual way.

First, there's the capture. 
Usually this involves someone being ambushed unexpectedly.
Second, there's the struggle.
This involves a period of wrestling, grappling, hollering and laughing.
And finally, the hug.
When they will finally relax contentedly near each other.
Week 19 Jan23-27
Writing- Accurately Describing
Grammar-Finish Figures of Speech
Math- Unit Review
History- Genghis Khan
Science- Electrical Circuits
Co-Op- Renaissance
Museum of Nature (Special Exhibit)

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grampy peter said...

Oh how I remember those 2 on 1 and 1 on 1, matches. Seems one could only win by the famous "step over the shoulder toe twisting and hold.... until submission" Enjoy the qualify family passes all too quickly leaving us with cherished memories...Loads of love
Dad/Grampy Peter

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