Friday, July 07, 2017

He Has the Watch

Wondering why we're looking so fancy?

Here's the reason.
M assumed Command of the school today. 

Congrats M.
What a great day to share with you. 


Anonymous said...

Great looking group...Congrats Son/Sir.....and the very best in your new position...Worked hard, studied hard, made sacrifices, and now in Command. I am really proud of you and your accomplishments....Dad

Anonymous said... are certainly a son to be proud of. You are a man who goes beyond what is expected in all areas of your life. The day was one of celebrating what you have accomplished in such a short time in your military career ...... what a proud moment for your mom. I know that nan and grampy were there with us looking down from above the clouds! Love you so much my precious Michael.
Opa sends his love ... he would have burst the buttons off his shirt had he been there!

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