Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Same Old Same Old

I meant to include this photo of the kids on the way home from the airport. They were so happy to see K.

While we were away on our Househuntng we went for dinner at the home of the man that M is replacing. Now we are lucky enough to get to have them for dinner while they are up here on their househuntng. To that end, E mowed the lawn for me yesterday and today we are tidying up the house and prepping dinner. We will be serving JamaicanFlnkSteak and DillPotatSalad and SnapPeeswithSesmeSeeds. M has requested lemnmeringue pie and GrndmJean's DtchApplePi.


Anonymous said...

These boys are not only handsome but they reach out when they are needed - amen to that.

Sounds like a great dinner. Wish I were there to enjoy it.

Love ya,

Looking good Eric with that lawnmower. I can see that it is not going to get away on you.

Anonymous said...

E, you have just made grandpa T very proud!! And me with that push mower! Grandpa T loves to mow the lawn too!!
Look at the three of you! My, my, K aren't you growing up. And our two little HAM'S. Somethings just don't change... Thank you Lord.
M, enjoy Grandma Jean's apple pie. I am pleased that she remains in your lives in several ways-474 huh!
Love Grandma D.

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