Sunday, October 24, 2010

We went to the NationlHarbr yesterday for the afternoon.

I just love close-ups of my cuties.

We went to a Thai restaurant for lunch. We ordered a bunch of different foods and the boys tried everything.

They tried spring rolls, calamari, cashew chicken, pad thai and sticky rice.

The pad thai was the clear winner. Although A also loved the calamari.

Then we stopped by a friend's boat.

Ever since we sold ours we have been missing the water.


Anonymous said...

outstanding. Not sure about the octupus though. Boys are looking great and I miss you all so very very much....Love grampy Peter....Guess I will have to plan a trip in soon

Anonymous said...

Love those beutiful faces...all smiles. Michael looks as if he is enjoying the boat ride....this is a side of heaven for him.

Could not get the video to play for me Johanna!!!!

Love to all...

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