Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pennies From Heaven

On our walk today the kids found the town fountain had been emptied of the water.

I'm sure that the city had already done some cleaning but the boys went penny hunting anyway.

They found $1.41....big money.

It was a little cold so we went to Strbcks to get some hot chocolate and read a story. I can't wait until E's cheek bruise goes away.
(used my Christmas gift certificate)

On the way to TKD we stopped for a drink. This is A looking very impressed with himself because he went into the store on his own and bought his drink. Yup, that's my debit card in his right hand.

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Anonymous said...

that is good, teach them real early to use YOUR debit card.....that way the boys can save all their money...LOL..great work on here J, keep it up..Miss you all so much and really looking forward to a visit soon...Love GP

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