Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Stuff

Here's E slogging through his work yesterday.

Although E is trying to grow out his hair. I gave him a trim so he would look tidier.

Here is what A looks like when he says, "Iloveyoumoretouchmynosefirst."

The boys are just in love with this little girl. She is almost seven months now and they like having her attention. Yesterday A got a cuddle after TKD.
Our Australian friends are moving away this week. So we borrowed their kids for a bowling playdate.
Check out the pink ball going down the lane. She insisted on the pink ball.

Here's A giving one of the launch ramps a try.

And I took them out for lunch.

This is my view while I put dinner on the table. When the boys are bigger I'm going to need three couches in the livingroom.


The Allen Family said...

oh my goodness!!! too many cute kid pictures. I want to scoop them all up and bring them home with me.... well, maybe with the exception of that big kid in the green t-shirt in the last photo... hehehehehe
Great blog... :-)

Anonymous said...

I await in anticipation to see what E does with his hair after it grows out...Mr. Creativity.

Lots of fun going on over there...loved the pictures.


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