Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Back Home

Can you guess where we just were??

Great Wolf Lodge. For two nights.

They have an arcade.

And a cool, but expensive, live action adventure game.

We were all over the hotel with this program.

There is an in-house restaurant. (Here's A with our friend's little girl.)

And every night they have a story time. (This is the first night we were there.)
But the BIG draw is the waterpark. (Here are the boys checking it out from the lobby.)

They walked across lily pads.

And swam in the pool. Regular. And wave.

And went on the waterslides. (Here with our friend's son.)
The last night we all went out for dinner.
It was super fun.....and super exhausting. The kids and I are pooped so we are missing our bible study tomorrow and staying home to recuperate. (Poor daddy doesn't have the choice so he is back to work tomorrow.)

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The Allen Family said...

What an amazing resort!!! The pictures say it all... fun, fun, fun and more fun.

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