Saturday, June 22, 2013

and then...and then....and then

I was in between the two boys yesterday at E's year end co-op presentation day.
He presented a retelling of a classic fairy tale that he had been practicing with his drama class.
And he was part of an ensemble group that performed a series of montages from SnowWhite.

Then the parents and other children meandered around and had a chance to see the island projects that all the kids had created.

Much to A's chagrin I 'strongly pressured' him into also bringing the project he had been working on at home to share with the group.
We let the g.pigs have some outside time. Then a bike ride before dinner. Then an impromptu neighbour get together on the front lawn until the wee hours. Wow ... now that I write it all out it sounds like we had a busy day. But it was all fun stuff so it didn't feel long.


The Allen Family said...

Great Pics!
So glad that A brought his project to "show and tell" ... he worked hard on it.
Both projects were amazing.

Anonymous said...

Amazing boys with amazing talents and amazing smiles.

Nana loves her sweethearts like crazy!

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