Sunday, June 09, 2013

Fair is Fair

There is a whole lot of fun packed into a small space at this mall.
The good news is that I like rides.
And the boys like rides.
 Even M likes rides.
M challenged A that he could make him puke by spinning him on this ride.
But M called 'uncle' before A even stopped giggling.
Normally E is hesitant to get on the rides. But I think the novelty of being tall enough to ride by himself spurred him to try more than he normally would have.
I noticed that there was a difference in the way the boys rode the carousel and the way the girls rode the carousel.
Poor daddy was trying to get some house hunting work done while we were there.
Of course once the ride got going he had to hang up.

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Cathy said...

I see you were at Woodbine Mall. It seems like forever since I was there. Did everyone have a good time

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