Thursday, April 03, 2014

Road Trip

"So mom, can I go to Ottawa this month?", said E.
I replied, "Well we have a lot of plans this month so the only time it could have worked would be this tomorrow."
"Alright, so I can go tomorrow?"
"Um.....I can't....uh.....think of any reason you couldn't", said me, "Can you M?"
"Oh....we can go to Ottawa? I want to go too!", interjected A.
"They're going to Ottawa tomorrow?", queried M, "What time?"
"Um....I guess I'll go online and get some tickets."
They're so independent!!

Me, "Make sure you pack two pair of pants, two shirts and pyjamas, (not mentioning their underclothing), and place it out so I can check it."

When I check A's bag I find one pair of pants, one shirt and a sweater.
They still need me!!

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