Monday, April 28, 2014


Wondering why the smiles?
It was in Michigan this weekend and that's just a jump and a hop from here.

E did a session with a Master Builder and A decorated a tile to add to the LEGO art wall.
There was a giant lego city that you could add to using small square bases.
E made a phone booth/TARDIS. I made a church. A made a tall tower.
Can you think of anything more tempting than a mountain of LEGO?
How about using it to bury yourself.
And there were sets to look at. Sets and sets and sets.
Cities and castles, pirates, cowboys, Hogwarts and animals

We couldn't resist getting a few pictures of us with the creations.
And M, who seemed caught up in the LEGO excitement, took a trip through the store before we left. Which worked out well as E then had something to do on the 4.5hour drive back.
And today the boys were able to make up the work they missed because of Friday's travel day.
Lucky boys.
Nothing says, 'the party is over', like an afternoon working with the periodic table.

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