Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Casa Loma

We are continuing our tour of the city sights.
Tuesday we visited Casa Loma.
It's a beautiful, interesting place. Maybe we can go back when the gardens have come in again.
It has a strange history in that it was not really a 'family home' for any length of time.
It was built, used for less than a decade, and has since had several uses and owners. It feels a little sad that this place never had a family to make a lasting impression on it.
It's nice that now the kids are older they see the details and enjoy the audio guides.
One of the towers was closed to viewing but the tallest was open.
So cool.
I think my favourite room was the garden room on the main floor.
It has the stained glass ceiling in the first picture shown. Such a bright, open room.
We were thinking of all the fun we could have in there. Basketball, biking, super giant chess, the birds could fly free in there, Lego city construction works .... oh the possibilities.
E took these pictures while we were up in the tower.
Well done E.

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