Thursday, April 24, 2014


So, the kids had fun this morning with their friends .... in the pool ... playing ps3 .... building LEGO.
But then the afternoon stretched out before me and I couldn't think of what to do.
So when they asked me what we were doing next I said,
"Amuse me. I spend a lot of time planning and accommodating activities that you two like to do. Now it's my turn to be amused."
There was some concern at first that they didn't know what I liked to do but they accepted the challenge.
First up, headstands. Well done boys. 
Next on the agenda, watching a sword fight.
En garde.
They even showed me the sword throwing trick they've been working on.
They were great about checking in to see if I was enjoying myself.
(E brought me ice cream with chocolate chips at one point. Yum!)
While I had my bath they pulled out the paints. And we had a great time with those.
To be sure we didn't miss pre-bed chapter they took turns reading while we painted.
And voila our paintings. Mine are the conductor and the kids looking at the fish, E painted a ship at sea, A painted a ship also and a cache of medieval weaponry.
And I was thoroughly amused.
Thank you boys. Tomorrow I'm back on the job.

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