Tuesday, May 03, 2016

This Week in Life...

The baseball season is upon us. Both E and A are playing (though not on the same team).
This means Mon.-Wed. nights, plus either Thurs. or Fri. nights, and always twice on Sundays ..... 
you'll find us at the fields.
I caught this guy getting ready for a practice ... 
but then he caught me taking his picture and I had to take evasive maneuvers. 
Grandad came to work on the front hall so the pups had a play time.
Here's A modeling some of the progress so far.
Speaking of A, he wants a turtle.
And so he keeps leaving pictures open on my computer for me to find.
So cute!!!

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Anonymous said...

Love the blog.....Johanna! I want to thank you for keeping it going. I am sure it must be frustrating at times when you see no comments in return. I know that Opa and myself look forward to checking in to see what is going on in the lives of the Barefoots. We so appreciate your efforts of keeping us up to date.
Again, thank you......with much love.

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