Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Swimmin' in the Rain

Things you can do at camp in the rain:
... swim in the pool ...
... keep your parents amused by imitating teen pop stars ...
... goof off while doing the dishes ...
... board games, lots of board games ...

(This photo was taken during the raining + power outage section of the trip.)
... and frog catching, lots of frog catching.
It's possible we may have even started to catch the same frogs over again!
But frogs, boys and dogs don't mind the rain.
They also don't mind when the rain stops and the sky clears.
We spent a great last morning out on the lake.
It was nice for M to enjoy the ride while E did some of the driving this time.
I feel like these pictures pretty accurately show the personalities of the two boys. Thoughts?
And just to prove that I was on this trip ... I snuck into a picture.

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Anonymous said...

Great blog....loved ALL the pictures. Love the smiles....mom and Opa

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