Thursday, August 18, 2016

Vacation Countdown

What's making this guy smile when we're almost at the end of our summer vacation?
It's the Sunset Ceremony at Fort Henry. 
We were all impressed with the show.
And part two of our trip South ..... the Kingstn Pentntiary.
It was incredibly eye opening and it emphasized for us all how much we wouldn't want to be contained behind walls.
We heard stories about the '71 riot and the construction of the buildings and their purposes.
It was great to meet some of the wardens who had worked in the prison and hear their first hand stories.
And before leaving town we had a quick lunch in the waterfront park ... with some ducks.

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Anonymous said...

Outstanding.....looks like everyone had fun, and the ceremony totally awesome. I kwould love to visit the penitentary, as I imagine it would be really interesting. I guess the boys are looking forward to Winnipeg. I am sure their stay will be jam packed with activities. Enjoy the rest and keep boathunting....Love Grampy Peter

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