Thursday, November 17, 2016

1-2 Punch

E has taken up a new activity.
He gets an amazing workout at the training sessions and the coaches are over and above friendly.
After she taped his hands today she was teaching him the 'Boxing Pose'.
To do a science experiment first you have to gather your supplies 
(including a camera to document the awesomeness).
Then you have to follow the instructions, cross your fingers and hold your breath.
Because for some reason ..... a LOT of the experiments do not come off as expected.
It's kind of like when you see that fancy cake on a Pinterest page and think, 
"I can do that". How often  does your final result resemble the first picture?
Those are pretty much the same odds for home science experiments.
Shockingly, this one worked just as it was supposed to. 
Titrating ammonia into a solution of vinegar and cabbage juice dye he was able to see when the solution changed from mostly acidic to mostly basic.

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