Monday, November 28, 2016

New Things

Somehow I neglected to teach my children how to start the dishwasher. 
Until now. Now they know. 
 And M is away; poor guy. 
Week 13 Nov28-Dec2
Writing- Alliteration
Math- Decimal Word Problems
History- 1st Kings of England
Science- Nutritional Chemistry Lab


Anonymous said...

J. Outstanding. Now all you have to do is teach the "big boy" how to start the dishwasher....something that was missed in his early development years, then they will all know. Well done boys....Loads of love to all and a big HOHOHO
Grampy Peter

Anonymous said...

It must be a generational thing.....I can't seem to remember the "big boy" in our family ever knowing that skill either. Why is it always left to the woman of the house to teach the young and the old alike? All I can say here is ..... Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he shall not depart from it.....these boys are going to make great husbands one day as they have been taught household skills by the best! No one is perfect but we give it our best and that is what really matters. Keep up the great parenting Johanna...your boys will appreciate it in the end! I thank God that I have a dishwasher in the house today.....he even does them by hand...amazing! His mother must have been another great teacher.
Sending our love .... hugs to all....nana and Opa

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