Tuesday, February 21, 2017

All Hockey All the Time

From Far and Wide ...
... well from Ottawa to Oshawa at least ....
We came for hockey!

By the time the weekend was up we'd seen 11 games.

For most of the weekend we all spread out to the different venues and overlapping games.

But when it came to the final game ... the Gold Medal game ...... we were all in the same place.
(Congratulations D for your win.)

It was A's first out of town tournament and he really rose to the occasion.
And as luck would have it he was able to play in a game against his best friend.
See the picture on the right? That's them.
The best part, in my opinion, was watching the boys watch each other play.

Seeing A's team win a game was a highlight too. ;-)

Week 23 Feb21-25
Writing- Finish Writing Story
Math- Fractions(mult/div)
History- France and England at War
Science- Non-Linear Movement Lab

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What's New at The Allen's said...

I love this weekend blog...love how you prepared the first photo...it was a super fun event!

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