Thursday, February 02, 2017


This post's goofy picture brought to you courtesy of shopping with E.

Uncle J sent this great set for A to put together for Science.
It requires a lot of precision work.
(And for the old man of the house it requires a magnifying glass to see the part labels.)

After being shown the soldering process A has been on his own to put it together.
Final product to come.
In the Outdoor Skills class that A takes they built a teepee.
This week they had a fire and enjoyed their work.


grampy peter said...

fantastic. Lots of patience needed for such intricate work. I am sure the boys will ensure proper completion and enjoy the satisfaction of putting it together. the new look so much taller....Grampy P

Anonymous said...

Always a busy family doing interesting things. Being a little goofy goes a long way in the world....keeps smiles on our faces. Adam your project will turn out amazing and I love the study you are doing on Aboriginal traditions.
Lots of love coming your way from nana and Opa

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