Saturday, March 04, 2017

A Canadian First

She's a real Canadian now.
Somehow Ern had made it this far in life without ever having seen an NHL game. 
But no more. 
Ottawa v Colorado 


Anonymous said...

Unheard of!! Never been to an NHL game!! Outrageous.. What would Tim Horton think. Hope it was a good game and that the newest NHL fan in canada rushes to the rink to get some seasons tickets. Wont be long before one of the Bfoot boys is lacing them up for one of the NHL teams...LOL....Great work on the blog J,, keep it up. I am not very good at dropping commentds but making a sincere effort to improve in that area....Love Gpeter

What's New at The Allen's said...

We need to get this girl a Senators jersey.... Glad you enjoyed the game. One for fan for the Ottawa Sens.

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