Sunday, March 12, 2017

Can You Feel the Love Tonight? Why Yes I Can.

Usually, I prefer to be on on the planning committee for get togethers and on this side of the camera lens.
But for my birthday M assembled this awesome group of people to help me celebrate.

Ern acted as game show host to a rousing game of Family Feud.
(Great game show voice by the way Ern.)

The competition was fierce.

The players were focused.

The emotions were real.
Congratulations on your win Team Best.

There were also some great games of cribbage and euchre.

Do you see the look of excitement on Adam's and my face?
It's because the awesomest of all chocolate cakes is about to be eaten.

I have to say, I was really feeling the love today.

Thank you all for the salads, and the presents, and the cake, and the game preparation and the fun.

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