Sunday, June 11, 2017

Day 1- Travel and Trailer

These three look pretty perky considering we got up at 4:30 for our 6:30 flight.

We're quite taken with motorhome travel so far. There's lots of space. And, we were able to make our own dinner.

We did need to make an unplanned trip to buy jackets (they'll still fit in the Fall) and toques.

But, of course, there's this.......
and the boys are in awe of them.

However, we've been up for 20hours so .....


Anonymous said...

hey guys....look at that little hill in albera...the big mountains are in grampy P

Anonymous said...

Wow....look at those happy faces and why wouldn't you be smiling! Lots more to come.... Keep us posted!
Lots of love... Nana and Opa❤️❤️

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