Tuesday, June 27, 2017


This guy amazed us with his academic accomplishments this semester. 
All his hard work paid off with higher grades in most areas.
He recorded 100% in two areas of math and a 98% in Science; unsurprisingly, he had a place on the honor roll.
Also, he received the Gr8 Science Award.

Adam has eased right into summer vacation. We've made a habit of a weekly fishing excursion. 

This week we were at Hartwell Lock.
The fun of watching the boats pass through the locks more than made up for the lack of fish.

Yup. Just a silly picture of the dog.

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Anonymous said...

Eric,...congrats....You definately fit right in with Grampy Peters studious side of the family...... congrats to you and all your hard work for the year that provided the challenges in your sights to digest, pursue and overcome......I am so proud of your dedication and accomplishments .....keep up the great attitude and work ethic...Love to you and my family..Grampy P eter.

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