Tuesday, May 29, 2018

As Requested

The thing about a sailboat is that one minute you're relaxing ....
... and the next minute you're working. 
Now that M has given both boys a safety lesson with their new boat they can run around our end of the lake. 
We met the other two families with kids on our dock .... turns out... E&A are the only ones with a motor on their dinghy.
They are the envy of the kids. 

They discovered this weekend that they can get to the downtown Kingstn marina....walk up to their favorite deli to get sandwiches...and motor back in about an hour .
When E doesn't come down to Kingstn he still keeps busy back in the big city. 

Charles does NOT like boating.
Whenever possible, he closes his eyes and dreams he's on the couch at home.

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Anonymous said...

well, that is fantastic...."on our end of the lake" ....Just how are they to explore and get the full adventure of being boat owners, with restrictions on the adventure. after all, the limitations placed upon the Commander and his brother a few years back we would not have discovered the world was round!
Go for it boys....much easier to get forgiveness, than permission,....sometimes..live the adventure.....love to all...Grampy Peter

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