Tuesday, May 08, 2018

The Timeline

Friday Night- Call realtor ... check out house for sale.
Saturday Afternoon- Text M to tell him I want to buy a house. (He drives home.) Make offer.
Sunday- Offer Accepted.
Monday/Tuesday- Prep our house for sale.
Wednesday- Our house listing goes live. Have 1st showing and 1st offer. We accept.

Friday- House Inspection@New House.
Monday- House Inspection@Current House.
Tuesday- All papers signed.

And........we're moving next month. Only a few kilometers from where we are currently.

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Anonymous said...

Well no one ever accused you guys of being slackers....Well done...Nothing like a quick sale and move to get the juices flowing, and not allowing time for second thoughts...good job, and nice to see the boat in the water as well....life is good in Ottawa and kingston

Love to all Grampy P

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