Sunday, May 04, 2008


We had a good flight. I am still surprised that it took us over six hours to go from the house to the hotel when the flight was only 1.5 hours. The kids had a grand time at the airport.....except the part where they stood in line for a half an hour to get through the airport line and then an hour to get through the security line and then a half an hour to get through the customs line and then 45 minutes to get the rental van. Other than that though they thought it was great fun.
We have had some time to look around and have been trying to get a feel for where we'd like to be. Tomorrow we are going to the embassy and then around with our agent so we're looking forward to that.

The boys at the airport------------------------A on the bus changing terminals---------

This is a park that is near one of the houses we are looking at.
While A and mommy and daddy were napping this afternoon, Grnny took E down to the river and they found these treasures.


Jenn said...

Looks amazing. Good luck tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

What a blast!!! What a wonderful time for everyone. The boys look great and those smiles say it all.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Love mom/nana

Anonymous said...

Is that A sportin some p.j.s on the trip there?

I can't wait to hear what you guys find to call your new home. How exciting!

Now you are going to make sure that there is room for all of us to come and visit right?



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