Monday, April 19, 2010

The Best Yet

We have planned a cycling vacation during the month of June to Damascus, VA: Trail Town, USA. (It will correspond with the boy's birthdays.)

So I have been getting the kids to push their distance limits on their bikes. Today we rode up to the Trget store....about 6 miles...which for you Canadians (and let's face it, you're all Canadians!) about 9.5 kilometres.


The Allen Family said...

Wow... that is a great ride!
Way to go guys.

Anonymous said...

You boys remind me of Uncle Jason with your helmets and gloves...way to go.

And your weather looks as great as ours is for

Love to all...


Anonymous said...

Cheer's to my "gear-head" grandsons!!!! With that long ride under your belts you are now officially "cyclists" not bike riders!! I can hardly wait to get down there and cycle with you!
Keep up the good work. Love your sore-butted Grandma!!

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