Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Skip To Day Three

So on day two we had fun but I forgot my camera. A little bit of running around....then we spent the afternoon at the pool.....then the kids had TKD.
Now let's jump to today. We went to a free movie this a.m. NightAttheMseum. Very Funny.
After the movie we grabbed a quick lunch out and then the boys had french class. Then....we went to the pool...a different pool....the best one yet.
During a break in water play they played hot potato on the deck.
Then back in the pool.


And on a final and unrelated note......A got new p.j.s.


The Allen Family said...

Wow.. love the photos. I am sitting/viewing here at the table (bedtime snack time) and when D seen the pictures he said, "hey there's Kallie-Girl"!

Anonymous said...

what a great time yu all had. Kallie is really getting big, it seems like forever since I have seen her. Love those pj, adam...c u soon love grampy Peter

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