Saturday, April 20, 2013


Gee ... ya' think he wants cantelope for breakfast?
All week E has been battling a low fever and a nagging cough.
He made it through almost all of his commitments this week, only missing choir.
After dropping E off at his class on Friday we picked up a friend of A's for some play time.
Then since the weather seemed to have finally decided to cooperate and become Spring-like ... the kids went outside to play.

When A plays any game .... he plays to win. He goes so hard and for so long.
Luckily he isn't a sore loser so it's still fun to play with him.
Despite feeling crummy E also went out to get some fresh air. I think he might ask for a scooter for his birthday this year. He is always borrowing our neighbour's.
Going now to upload more LEGO creations by E on his page.

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Anonymous said...

it is great to see the good weather finally finding its way although the temperatures are still cold for this time of year. It looks like all the kids on your street are taking it in...long overdue!!!!

Love ya, mom/nana

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