Monday, April 01, 2013

A Matter of Opinion

The day the weather was nice the boys came into J&L's house and said,
"The neighbour kids asked if we can go with them to the pond. Can we?"
So I said, "Let me ask UncleJ if it's safe." And he said, "Yes...absolutely."
And off they went ...with the neighbours and NO parents... to 'the pond'.
Great place to see trees downed by beavers ... very cool ... great idea.
So when they returned I asked them how it was ... and they said,
"There's a really cool abandoned(!) building ... 
and if you don't want to walk across the metal pole you can crawl across the old log or climb into the ditch(!) and then back out."
"And when you get to the waterfall(!) 
there are a lot of fish."
Um ... abandoned buildings? ditches? waterfalls? I thought we were talking about a little pond!
So the next day M and I went back with them to investigate.
Now granted ... the fish jumping were super cool.

There was also an interesting abandoned silo ...
... and a pretty nifty way to climb out and take a look inside the old building.
A very cool place to explore together ... as a family ... parents and kids together ... right?
So I put 3 questions to you ...
1. Would you describe this place as 'the pond'?
2. Knowing ME(!!), is safe a word I'd use to describe this location?
3. How lucky are the boys that they have an uncle to save them from their over-protective mom?


PG said...

I would enjoy that place....but I am of the same 'ilk'. I wonder if I would be different if I had boys. Beginning to let them take risks that make me nervous. Warrior Women!

Jenn said...

What an amazing adventure the boys had.

Anonymous said... wonder the kids like to go to visit J&L and baby V and let us not forget little M.

The experiences my sweethearts have while there are always amazing. Just walk out the back door and the adventure starts. Certainly don't have to go too far to find it. to all.

VMB said...

HAHAHAHA...Let me begin by saying, the neighbour kids asked if they wanted to go with them. Being country boys this is a daily routine, they even catch thier own fish and clean them themselves at eight years old. Their like a bunch of hunters and gatherers out here in the woods. I knew they were in good hands. BOYS NEED A CHANCE TO BE BOYS! I think they need to spend a summer here. We could teach them to fish, hunt their own turkey dinners and go 4x4ing with big red in the bush. YEEEEEHAAAAWWWW!!!

Anonymous said...

Ummm, I am all for great adventurous fun. But I think a parent should have been present in case any of the kids, especially the darling boys who are a bit less experienced with the location, were caught off guard by something.

Like a raging spring river.

Even with an adult present if a child fell in icy cold fast water they are at serious risk of drowning and injury.

But, hey, not all adults have the same opinion of a safe trip for a 7 yr old.

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