Saturday, March 30, 2013


We may be away but it can't all be play. I brought some school work with us. And even though they didn't have the guinea pigs to keep them company they did have the dog.
Here the boys are getting reacquainted with their girl cousin.
JandL have introduced us to a new card game called Phase10. Good fun. Little BabyV hangs out with the rest of the family.
Babies aren't usually A's thing but he's enamored with V.

And he isn't the only one. The big guys are pretty taken with her too.
A surprise to us all was how nice the weather was yesterday. We all got outside for a while. 
Liz was considerably more productive than I was.
This is the view out their back door. Wonderful.


Anonymous said...

love all the pictures. You are getting a little of everything in...even time for the outdoors and what a great outdoors it is up there in Owen Sound. The kids are having a wonderful time by the looks of it....Little V right in there with her cousins. How cute is that!

Love to

Jenn said...

Looks like you are having an amazing time. What a beautiful view.

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