Saturday, March 16, 2013


This was the reason we all treked out to the hockey game.
CousinA was playing on the big ice this afternoon. Very cool.
E was in his glory. He had friends on one side and a cousin on the other,
hockey happening and a snack in hand. Bliss.
As I sat down to write this blog I asked M to send his pics of the afternoon with A. No pics.
A was at a birthday party so he missed hockey.
So....I just snuck into his room and took his picture before he was fully asleep....haha.


Jenn said...

Thank you for coming to the game. A loved having fans in the stands. D loved hanging out with cousin E.

Anonymous said...

busy busy busy....what a great time for all. Keep up the good work J on the Blog, you are amazing and I oft think...How does she do it all???
Grampy Peter...PS: thanks for the individual e accts for A and E...I get the biggest kick out of the notes...Luv 2 all...GP

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