Saturday, March 09, 2013

Like Magic

We had the most fun on Wednesday. Grandpa was in for dinner from out of town. We had the Nlsn family over and ordered pizza. There were 7 kids and they played together like angels.
It seems I was a little slow on the dinner preparations Thursday evening. While I was prepping the quesedillas there were three seagulls standing around the island watching for tidbits. 

The boy's bedroom is a problem for me.
I can't clean it...because I get frustrated with them and they say I mess up their stuff.
But they can't clean it....because they get so overwhelmed with the task.
It really had reached crisis proportions this week though. A friend who was over this week aptly described the LEGO strewn floor as "the spiky death floor".
When Grnny dropped the boys off she was stunned....and....offered to help. Then I was stunned.
But she gathered supplies and came Friday morning.
They worked, stopping once for lunch and to go buy more supplies, for five hours.
The photo above was taken about an hour into the process.
The photos below are after.
Note: the clean floor-the new shelves in the closet-the tidy LEGO boxes under the window

This makes me very, very happy.
And she also managed to make the boys very, very happy too....
but you'll have to wait and see the rest of the bedroom pics tomorrow.


PGRO said...

:Leave it to a gran.. :)

Mama Bear said...

It looks great! A clean room always feels like a new room. Now the question is: will the KEEP it that way?

VMB said...

SOOOOOOOOO impressed with the clean up crew.

Does Dodi want to come to our house?

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