Saturday, March 02, 2013

Weekend Report

This guy seems to be becoming a part-time resident around here. With his friend plans, his choir practice, his school co-ops and his Cub activities he's always on the go. Today he had a work day for his upcoming Cub Car Rally.
Which left us with A. Having E out of the house is something he really looks forward to.
He has M and I do all his favourite activities with him. While M had a nap he and I made banana bread and then played a game of Monopoly. Then I napped and he played computer games with M.

I took this picture the other day when D was over for a couple of hours. (We missed you littleA)
These cousins are so cute!

I was whining to M today that after all my exercising and cutting back it seems like I keep losing and gaining the same kilogram.
His solution to my whining......come home with a bag full of candy.

This is the new door we put in going from the kitchen to the basement. Thanks Grandad for the help.

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Anonymous said...

well done folks. The door looks great, now the boys can see when the light is on. Get the clippers...the clippers I say..Car looking fabulous, and chef's assistant..outstanding and I can just imagine it is all good. March now so the weather will start to change for the better now, keep u the great, no outstanding work on the Blog, J, you are fantastic at keeping everyone in the know..Luv Grampy Peter

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