Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sundays Rock

 The apple fell pretty close to the family tree.
Nana welcomes visitors to church......and 2000km away......E took on the same task.
Handsome looking fellows aren't they?
And if I'm willing to put in the time....I can get a great 'together' pic.
And lucky for us....we got a Mr&Mrs pic also.


Anonymous said...

what a great looking family. There is something about those wonderful "camera" smiles that just make my days.... I mean the boys should be used to the camera clicking away now,,,,great work folks, so keep em coming....Love to all Grampy Peter

Anonymous said...

We all have smiles because we all have the joy of the Lord in our lives....praise God!

I am thrilled that E and I shared in serving the Lord together on Sunday.I pray that one day he will be alongside of me going to Cuba on a mission trip. Kallie first, E next and then our little prophet A.... can't wait!!!!!

Love to

Christmas Flurry....of Pictures