Sunday, March 24, 2013

He Had Me at Composition

There's a LEGO sale at Chapters this month and we have been, as E said to the cashier, "taking advantage of that opportunity". But I had finally put my foot down and said, 'no more'.
Of course that was when E decided that M needed the new fire truck set.
But I stuck to my
And then he used my achilles heel--school.
He approached me yesterday with a proposition. If he wrote an 11 sentence persuasive composition detailing why M should have the LEGO set.....would I buy it?
In his own time...on the weekend...he did all the steps I had taught him without any reminders....and wrote it. And so I bought it.
Before bed A and I cracked open the junior scrabble game.
This kid loves games.....and I love playing with him. Especially when he plays my favourite game of all....Scrabble.


Anonymous said...

Would love to read the 11 sentence paragraph he came up with.

Anonymous said...

Put me on the list also for reading E's composition.

And our precious A...what a sweetheart.


Love ya, mom..I am off to bed.

Jenn said...

He told me he was working on this. Congratulations E. I love junior scrabble. I will have to have a game with A some day.

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