Sunday, March 03, 2013

Lead By Example

If dad does's good.
However dad does the right way.
When dad does it......the boys do it too.
Even dishes.

It's still great to lay in bed at night with the boys and read.
I hope this never gets old.


Anonymous said...

Yes...Keep up the good work Dad, and boys follow the leader...great. Now how much snow did you get? LOL...just kidding....take it easy and get your head sorted out, MJ. Keep up the outstanding work on the Blog J, it keeps me going here in the desert...luv to all G peter

Anonymous said...

You are both doing a great job by leading by example.

I remember when I went from reading to the boys in bed to having M bringing his future wife back to the house after spending an evening at the movies or whatever. They would come down the hall into my bedroom where they would both stretch out on my bed. We would then end up chatting and sharing until who knows when. They were great moments and ones that I cherish.

love mom/nana

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