Saturday, July 06, 2013


M is off work to get some house stuff done before the end of the month. But he took a break from his 'to do' list and took the kids to the Diefenbunker.

They couldn't get on the tour but M was there and he's as good as a tour guide.
The boy's guinea pigs are doing well. And since they get handled a lot they are super tame!
We tried out a new restaurant on Friday night. Mongolian Village.
It also gave us the opportunity to see what they remembered from
Story of the World 2 (Chapter 21) regarding the Mongols.
E loved that you get to pick whatever you want from an extensive buffet.
A's favourite was the rice paper and soup.
Super fun trying new foods with the kids.

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Mama Bear said...

I love your pigs! Ours doesn't get handled enough, so it's not nearly as friendly as yours.

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