Thursday, July 04, 2013


Any guesses where we went today?
Maybe some visual clues will help.
We were at the BioDome.
M had never been and the last time A was there he was two years old.
Nothing like a move to get you to check some things off your 'to-do' list.
E's favourite spot? In the Laurentian Zone with the big fish.
A's favourite spot? Sub-Antarctic Island Zone.
He and this penguin struck up a friendship.
A came home with a stuffed animal penguin from the store .... he named it Gwin.
M's favourite spot was in the Laurentian's, specifically the lynx.

I think my favourite activity was looking for the sloth in the Tropical Rainforest Zone .... even though I never did find it. But my favourite picture is this one of the monkey. The way the branch curls at that location tricks my eye into thinking it's his tail that's curled.
Very interesting picture. Good job M.


Anonymous said...

I always look for the sloth and never find it.


Anonymous said...

Love those smiles.....looks like a great day was had by all.

Love mom/nana

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