Saturday, July 06, 2013

Street Fun

When the weather is nice the street is a busy place.
I was sitting inside trying to read our curriculum for next year and this fun was going on outside.
Truly it made me sad for what we're going to miss while we are away from our neighbourhood.
This is the kind of kid fun that people remember when they're 'all grown'.
Well ..... as has become our mantra of late .... it's only for a year.
Then we'll be back.
This is what happens when E tries to hug his brother.
When it comes to his personal space .... A likes to keep a bubble of protection around himself.


VMB said...

I'm sure we can scramble up some "remember when we" moments together this happy that you guys are moving closer to us...

the other Barefoot Clan

Anonymous said...

Wow....great pics and those boys are having a blast. Can't get bored when you are with the Barefoots.

Love to

Christmas Flurry....of Pictures