Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Before and After the Drive

The kids surprised me with an impromptu concert for my birthday.
They sang the birthday song and then all took turns on the piano.
When we all squished in for a photo on my birthday E said, "We always take a family picture when we get together."
And that got me thinking about the importance of traditions.
We have a few that we do in our house, for example, we pray before meals, I read them a chapter before bed every night, we nap on weekends.
And when I thought about it further I could see that other members of our family have developed their own traditions with the kids.
There's the Grandpa with the silly song, the Grandma with the secret handshake, the Nana and the way they say good-bye on the phone, the Grampy who sends candy mom would never buy them, there's the Granny who makes their favourite foods and the Granddad who fixes everything.
And given all the positives that come from having traditions I'd like to say thank-you to everyone for doing what they do.
M got into the kitchen this afternoon and experimented with making potato chips.
A few tweeks to the recipe next time and they'll be a steady snack

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